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Willing Workers On Organic Farms

is a unique membership organization linking travellers to hundreds of farming properties all over Australia.

You don't need a working holiday visa to participate because the work you perform is classed as unpaid (although you receive food and lodgings in return).
However, should you have a working holiday visa and intend to apply for a 2nd one, the work you perform through the WWoof program
does count towards your 2nd visa eligibility.


A word of warning.
As with any human endeavor some people will seek to exploit others and some WWOOF hosts are commercial farmers
participating so as to profit from your almost free labour.
A further concern is that not all reports to the organisation about these dodgey host's have been acted upon and some bad farm host's continue to be promoted by the organisation.

BEWARE if it doesn't feel right - it probably isn't!
Letter from a wwoofer



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