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When travelling ...
The best things will often happen when you least expect them!

If you really really want a job, be prepared to knock knock knock on doors!

When travelling to Western Australia ...
Do not bring fruit or vegatables... do not bring honey ... do not bring seeds or plants ... Western Australia is free of many plant and animal pest's and diseases and has strict border controls.

When travelling in Western Australia, or in fact any Australian State
Beware of any service run by bureaucracy, both government or private. Government run services are probably the worst but the rule of thumb when dealing with any business run by functionaries i.e. not owner operated, is, it's generally going to be a "fuck up", (scuse my french). Click here for an example of what we are alerting you to.
Because Australia is primarily a giant bureaucracy i.e more public servants and taxpayer funded and subsidised people than any other country in the world, you as a visitor will have to come to terms with the fact that in Australia

Beware of “loser jobs”
Such as 100% sales commission door to door / tele-marketing / charity collecting.
These 'so called' jobs rely on a huge turnover of new chums and desperadoes to work for 2 weeks before realizing that the company is making money but they're not.
Charity collecting is also a form of begging and may not be good for the soul.

Beware dodgey employers, worker hostels and bogus employment agents ... but don't let yourself become too paranoid either

dodgey backpacker hostel?

Bogus Employment Agents
Employment Agencies are not only required to be licenced but also to follow strict procedures including disclosure of all details of the employment being offered including employers name, job description, relevant award, start & finish dates/times, length of job, transport, salary/wages, payday, how you will be paid i.e. cash, cheque, electronic transfer, and so on. All these details should be presented to you in written form a copy of which you should keep. If the employer/client is offering accommodation then details of that should also be given. Employment Agents also have a part to play with regards the bona fides of their clients especially relating to issues of Occupational Health and Safety i.e. ensuring the employer has Workers Injury Insurance - you can ask to see a Certificate of Currency and ask about Awards, Tax rates and the like. These are all issues that may be doubly important for Non Residents.
All of these things are requirements of a bona fide Employment Agent. Employment Agents are also not allowed to charge jobseekers a membership fee. Advertisements of Free Membership may be misleading and deceptive.

Beware of misleading or outdated work information
The biggest source of misinformation concerning Working Holiday Jobs often comes from other travellers, but some traveller web sites offering work information can also be woefully out of date.
Fellow backpackers often pass on info which they heard from someone else who heard it from someone else and so on. The classic job situation expert (every backpacker hostel has them) is usually not out of bed until late, then seems to just hang around the hostel all day, reclining in front of the T. V. or at the bar and then tells new chums that "there are absolutely No Jobs in this town".
Most travellers keen to find work - do.
One of the best way to find work, in any town, is to knock knock knock on doors!

Don't get 'sucked in' to buy things you don't need ...
Beware advertising selling guides to mining jobs. Most available mining jobs are for skilled trades or professionals who have all the necessary accreditations, licences, certifications, tickets and so forth. Most of these vacancies are not short term casual positions suitable for your average working holiday backpacker..

Whilst short term unskilled jobs in the mining industry suitable for backpackers can be available from time to time, buying guide books is not going to get you one. Visit

Beware...when driving
Australian roads are possibly the most dangerous in the world, requiring a very high level of awareness at all times. Fatigue and speed are probably the biggest factors that drivers have under their control but are also the main reasons for a majority of crashes - especially on country and outback roads. Take great care at all times but especially when you start to feel complacent. Take regular breaks and don't push yourself that little bit further - especially when you start to feel drowsy. Avoid driving if possible around sunset or sunrise as kangaroos (roos)etc are at their most active. If a roo does jump out in front of you DON'T SWERVE.....brake and hit it is better. Speed limits don't mean you have to do them.... only drive at the speed you and your passengers feel comfortable with.

Beware Thieves!
It is an unfortunate fact of life that thieves are amongst us. You cannot be overcautious when it comes to protecting your valuable property, especially your passport, credit cards, cash, bottle opener etc ..... We know a girl who had her purse stolen while trying on a pair of jeans in a changing room ... her purse was on the floor at her feet when the thief in the next cubicle reached under .... Dorm rooms and even single rooms in hostels and hotels are not safe ... Do Not Trust Anyone When It Comes To Your Valuables ....

*Don't get involved in scams .... you will almost certainly become the victim*

Letter from a WWOOFer ...
This is published simply to help travellers understand that if you find yourself in a situation that doesn't feel right....then it probably isn't....and that you should not put up with bad conditions......

Beware when travelling ...
Not to become self-centered and inconsiderate. Be aware and alert to thieves and have backup contigencies for lost or stolen credit cards, passports etc.

Be Sun Wise ...
Australia has the highest incidence of sun caused cancers in the world

The southern hemisphere sun is much more intense than the northern hemisphere and you can do a lifetime of damage to your skin and eye's if your not careful. In Australia the term slip, slop, slap has been coined to remind us about the sun's danger if we don't take precautions when going out into it. Even overcast day's are dangerous as the damaging ray's still get through causing painful and damaging sunburn. So, Slip on protective clothing, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat.

Be Aware ....
You can often negotiate substantial savings (10% off lowest advertised price) by booking directly with tour operators, camper, car hire companies etc...
If you can't avoid the services of a Travel Agent then at least shop around! ... Remember you can do a lot of shopping around these days on the Web


Daily Health Suggestions
Drink lots of water, eat lots of 'wholefoods' including fresh fruit & vegetables, meat and fish (or 'high protein substitutes'), wholemeal breads, nut's and limit the amount of fat's (saturated & trans), high salt, high chemical and processed (nutrient free) type foods.

Avoid Catching Infections
You can avoid some contagious type disease infections like tinea (athletes foot) - by wearing flip flops in public showers etc - avoid sexually transmitted viruses by wearing protective gear when practicing making babies. The Australian sun i.e. Southern Hemisphere is much more severe than the Northern Hemisphere sun and those from the north are prone to do lifetime damage to not only their skin but also their eyes.

Alcohol can be great, but ...
Alcohol is a popular ingredient for social interaction but over indulgence can make us vunerable to injury (accidents) and predators (date rape, drink spiking, violence, theft). Best advice - drink in moderation with friends and look after each other.

Being hung-over after an alcohol binge is not nice

If your planning to do some travelling in Western Australia and you have plenty of time and money, you may consider a 'jump on jump off' type of tour e.g Greyhound but if you are on a budget and have time constraints, consider a fully catered Safaris type tour where all your food & accommodation is included and you get to go to the best "off the beaten track" places, plus, you do it in the company of fellow travellers. In our opinion this is the absolute best and cheapest way of travelling in Western Australia .... Also, if you book and pay the tour operator yourself you should be able to save at least 10% off the operators 'best advertised price'

Remember, a smile is an "international language" and will help take you through the most difficult of terrain and experiences.
Remember also, that everything works out in the end, if you let it!

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