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Atherton is 80 km south west of Cairns. Tobacco work from September to December. The Avocado season is February to June.
January to December - bananas February to June - avocados September to December - potatoes

Ayr is 1200 km north of Brisbane and has work picking vegetables and melons between May and December..
May to November - rockmelons, honeydew, capsicum, eggfruit, cherry tomatoes, chillies,watermelons and zucchinis
June to December - sugar cane
November to December - mangoes

Boonah is about 87km south and slightly east of Brisbane and inland from the Gold Coast
March to April – sweet potato March to June - beans May to September – snow peas May to October – celery & chinese cabbage May to November – cabbage, cauliflower & lettuce May to November – broccoli May to December – potatoes & beetroot June to December – carrots August to December – onions September to November – garlic November to December – beans November to May – pumpkin, sweet corn,tomatoes & capsicum December to February – melons & zucchini

Bowen is about 1200 km north of Brisbane and has work between May and November picking vegetables and mangoes.
May to November - vegetable picking
May to November - tomato picking
November to December - mango picking

Bundaberg is just over 350 km north of Brisbane an has work from April to December mainly with tomatoes and other vegetables.
March to July - citrus April to July - vegetables April to August - capsicum April to August - rockmelon April to August - zucchini September to December - vegetables October to January - tomato December to February - tropical fruits and mangoes

Childers is about 300 km north of Brisbane and a very popular place for harvest work. April to September is the main time for the tomato crop.
Jan to March - mangoes April to September - tomatoes July to April - avocados October to January - zucchini December to February - lychees

Dimbulah - Mareeba
Dimbulah is 47 kilometres west of Mareeba in the Tropical North of Qld. Dimbulah is a small agricultural town in a former tobacco-growing region and mining area. The main industries today are tea tree (for oil), mangoes, sugar cane, pumpkins, herbs, cashews, and cattle. The town enjoys a relatively good environment and has most amenities including an olympic size swimming pool, hotel, supermarket, a variety of general shops, plus a large number of businesses. Dimbulah is a very popular stop or destination for motor bike riders out for a leisurely
January to December - paw paw
February to March - longans
February to April - avocados
November to January - lychees
November to April - mangoes

November to January - cotton chipping

Emerald is 270km west of Rockhampton and the work is mainly cotton , melons, grapes and citrus crops.
March to September - mandarin picking and packing
April to September - melon picking and packing
May to June - grape pruning
October to December - grape picking and packing
October to March - lemon picking and packing
November to March - cotton chipping
December to February - citrus thinning

Gatton, about 100 km west of Brisbane has a number of crops and work can be found most of the year.

November to January - cotton chipping

March to September - citrus picking and packing
November to March - citrus pruning and crop thinning

Gympie is north of the Sunshine coast has most work from May until November.

Innisfail is about 90km south of Cairns. There is plenty of work on bananas and other crops.
January to December - bananas

February to March - logans
November to January - lychee

Laidley (Lockyer Valley) is about an hours drive east of Brisbane.
March to April – sweet potato
March to June - beans
May to September – snow peas
May to October – celery & chinese cabbage
May to November – cabbage, cauliflower & lettuce
May to November – broccoli
May to December – potatoes & beetroot
July to November – carrots
August to December – onions
September to November – garlic
November to May – pumpkin, sweet corn,tomatoes & capsicum
November to December – beans
December to February – melons & zucchini

Mareeba - inland from Cairns
- is one of the most popular towns of the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland. Population more than 8,000, is highly regarded for its farming production of mango, lychee, macademia, pineapple, coffee, tea tree, tobacco, poultry and variations of tropical fruits and vegetables
January to December - paw paw
January to December - bananas
January to December - citrus
February to May - avocados
February to March - longans
November to March- mangoes
November to January - lychees

Mary Valley

Mundubbera is about 350 km from Brisbane and has harvest work from April until October in the citrus industry.
January - mangoes April to September - citrus June to July - grape pruning August to May - asparagus November to December - grape picking

December to May - tomatoes

Nambour is the inland centre of the Sunshine Coast has work harvesting strawberries between August and November.

January to December - potatoes

Stanthorpe is 200 km south west of Brisbane and a good growing area due it's altitude. Peak work is mainly from January to April.
November to May - apples, stone fruits,pears, tomatoes, capsicums, grapes andground crops

St George - Warwick
January to March - watermelons June to February - grapes March to June - cotton November to January - rock melons November to January & June to August - pumpkins November to January - cotton chipping November to December - onions June to February - grapes November to January - rock melons

Tully is regarded as one of the most reliable ‘year round’ work venues in Australia. Approximately 180 km south of Cairns it has a permanent population of around 3800ish.
All year round (some quieter times do occur) Bananas, Pawpaws
June – November Sugar Cane Planting
October – December Watermelons, Pumpkins

Warwick - St george
Cotton Nov - Jan Melons Feb - April

New South Wales
Batlow is 450km south west of Sydney where there is work pruning apples and pears from December to May.

Bourke is in the outback and has work from April to May as cotton chippers and with the stone fruit harvest from November to December.

Cessnock in the Hunter Valley has some opportunities in January harvesting grapes.

Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour has work blueberry picking.

Cowra is about 300 km west of Sydney and has opportunities for grape harvesting during the period February to April.

Forbes well to the west of Sydney has work apple and pear harvesting from November until late March,

Griffith is a major agricultural area and has work all year round with grapes, onions, and citrus harvesting.

Leeton is in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and has a range of harvesting work mostly in the February to March period.

Narrabri is 600km north west of Sydney and the cotton capital of Australia and has a lot of work in the cotton industry.

Narromine lies on the Macquarie River over 400 km from Sydney. Work is available on the citrus orchards from May until December.

Orange is 250km west of Sydney and an area for apples and cherries.

Young is very popular with backpackers and an area for cherry and stone fruits. Most of the work is form late October until the end of December. Work is also available from February,

Cobram is 250km north of Melbourne on the banks of the Murray river and most need is for peach and apricot harvesting from December to April.

Echuca is at the meeting point of the Murray, Campaspe and Gouldburn rivers just over 200 km north of Melbourne. Tomato harvesting is the thing in Echuca and runs from February to March.

Mildura has plenty of work with a lot of oranges that need attention all year. Mildura is over 500 km north of Melbourne.

Robinvale has work with vegetables and citrus and grapes where the big demand is February to April. Robinvale is on the Murray river.

Rochester is south of Echuca has work most of the year on a number of crops.

Shepparton is 180 km north of Melbourne and has a lot of work from December until early February.

Swan Hill
Swan Hill 300 km north of Melbourne has harvesting work from February until April.

Yarra Valley
The Yarra Valley is close to Melbourne and a major wine growing area and needs pickers during the grape harvest.

Gunns Plain
The Gunns Plains is close to Devonport and the northern cities and has work flower picking.

Huon Valley
Apples are grown in the Huon Valley and is south west of Hobart.

Tamar Valley
The Tamar Valley runs north of Launceston and has work grape picking from February to April

South Australia

Adelaide Hills
Around Adelaide there is seasonal work with grapes and apples.
Barossa Valley
The Barossa Valley is 40 km from Adelaide and requires backpackers to pick grapes from February to April and some help pruning in the winter months.

Berri is 200 km east of Adelaide and often has difficulties in finding enough pickers and has a number of different harvests.

Clare to the north of Adelaide has a need for backpackers to pick grapes.

Loxton has vineyards and orchards and needs workers most of the year.

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